Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures – Australia’s premier 4×4 travel show is back, with another season of awesome 4×4 adventures around the country.

This season makes up seven different episodes- featuring 4×4 travel that you won’t want to miss. Get behind the wheel with Mr 4×4Pat Callinan, on our best season of 4×4 travel yet. You’ll be informed and inspired by these destinations, as Pat shows you some of the most stunning areas to explore by 4×4.

There are two trips in beautiful Tasmania, taking in the south-eastern and western areas. You’ll also explore Queensland’s epic Gulf Country, before heading down through the iconic Diamantina and landing at the Big Red Bash on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

Then there’s the big one; something that hasn’t really been attempted before. We’re driving from Brisbane to Sydney on the dirt. this is an adventure that you simply cannot miss! In addition this box set contains extra footage which we simply couldn’t fit into the time allocated for the TV broadcast, including lots more drone footage which allows you to see some iconic areas in Australia in a whole new way.